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jonathan grauel


Influenced by my journey of spiritual understanding and growth, I express what is not always physical using color, line, and shape. The "story" is of great importance to me. Often, a plot line is unfolding as I develop a drawing or painting. I enjoy how patterns of thought can be ordered and worked to communicate a message to others. I record moments in time as compositions — framed by the often carelessly placed, inanimate objects surrounding us. I often sketch the experience of sharing a beverage or meal while commenting on what was present, even the invisible thoughts and emotions. I believe such juxtapositions of relationships and environment tell the story of our day-to-day existence.  

Even before the accident I described my creative process as thoughts emerging from my finger tips. As I paint I create a visual dialog with the surface. 


I am an artist and web developer living in Charlotte, North Carolina. My art is semi-representational narratives portraying the places "man" travel; not just physical locations, but mental, emotional, and spiritual. My interest in the arts came at a young age. I reproduced anything that caught my attention, but the personal side of creating art did not occur until my sophomore year in high school. The instruction of renowned Raleigh, NC artist, Bob Rankin, helped me discover my talent and take ownership of the desire to express myself. My education and growth as an artist continued at East Carolina University.  

At ECU each subject contributed to my art, especially the discovery of poetry. I found a special connection between writing and painting that improved my proficiency of expression. I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and a minor in English.  

I have actively engaged my artistic abilities for the greater part of my life. My career began in New Bern, NC and it will always be a special home for my art. I have participated in numerous gallery events, one man shows, performed speaking engagements and received various awards. In addition, I taught high school art, so I have a keen interest in arts education and have been a guest speaker in the classroom upon many occasions.  

I painted with acrylics, oils and oil pastels for many years. In 2008, an accident with a table saw left me without an index finger on my left hand. I'm also unable to bend my middle finger and have limited sensitivity in my thumb. After the accident my wife and friends surprised me with an iPhone. I soon discovered a new joy in "finger painting." I have added an iPad to my digital artist toolbox. The Procreate App has a primary position on the 'dock' of my life now as the iPad/iPhone replaced my sketchbook as a constant companion. As a computer geek, artist and a web developer - digital devices have combined my passions.